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WE are forever hearing stories about Non-League clubs suffering due to a lack of finances, but now there is an easy way to boost your club’s coffers.

For every Non-League fan that opens a new account with BetBright and stakes £25 or more, their club receives £40 while there is an added incentive as you will then be offered a free £20 stake to use.

And while the deal may seem to encourage gambling, Shaun Turner, the chief executive of Norfolk FA, has come firmly to its defence.

He said: “This situation is not forcing anyone to gamble. If somebody thinks betting is immoral then they don’t have to engage with it.

“We’re not forcing anybody to open an account. We’re encouraging those that want to, or do bet, to do so responsibly and sensibly, while now providing them with the chance to raise funds for their club.

“The BetBright fundraising incentive is a great idea. More than £7,000 was raised towards grassroots last month.”

“If someone is going to bet, they’re going to do it. But now they can give something back to their club.”

How to sign up

1. Contact clubfunding@­betbright.­com with your club details

2. BetBright will set you up on the www.­betbright.­com/­grassroots page

3. Tell your fans to visit the page and open an account

4. Then every month they will pay you £40 for every new account who has staked £25 or more

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