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Clap-banner - unique hand-held banner & noisemaker in one, made in UK
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The Clap-banner is a noisemaker and hand-held banner all in one.  It is produced in England using re-cycled material and is fully copy rite and IP protected.   Clap-banners can be printed on both sides in full colour with text, logos and other graphics within 7 days making it an ideal item for last minute orders especially with semi and quarter final qualifiers

Our clients include Arsenal, Stoke City, Blackburn Rovers, Wigan Athletic, Fulham FC, Birmingham City FC, and we recently supplied them to Everton FC for the FA Cup Final at Wembley, the Woman’s FA Cup Final and to Preston North End, Burnley and Reading for the football playoffs.    We are also an official supplier to the F.A. where we supply the Clap-banners for all England home games at Wembley Stadium, where they are held up by the spectators to create a huge St George’s Flag whilst the national anthem is being played and are then used by fans as a noisemaker throughout the game.  The Clap-banners can be seen in action at the Masters Football Tournament on Sky Sports 3 every Saturday night.

The Clap-banner has proven itself to be an ideal promotional tool for club sponsors such as Nationwide, E-ON, IRN-BRU, MacDonald’s and Blue Square etc who have all used them to create brand awareness and exposure at games especially those that are televised.   They also create a unique visual and sound experience when used by the fans to get behind their teams becoming the 12th man in the team.   


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