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Nottingham Forest have high expectations

Sponsorship is about media value and while Championship sides can secure six figure shirt deals, Premier League sides command significantly more.
What can Championship clubs offer to brands to close the gap?

Nottingham Forest are a perfect example of how to maximise media value and hence the level of sponsorship revenue, while the club can’t compete with Premier League sides on TV exposure alone they can offer real value to brands seeking to develop their image by using other channels.

Championship clubs consistently deliver over £1million worth of media value to their sponsors and are viewed by over 2,000,000 people during televised games.  This level of TV viewing is well below the top clubs who can offer both national and european exposure and Forest have used social media channels to provide their fans with news to increase traffic.

Forest now regularly receives over 370,000 unique visitors per month reading some 4,300,000 pages on their website a staggering level of activity and exposure for a sponsor.

Effective community programmes are also an important factor in driving traffic and Forest now have a community programme that reaches over 150,000 children through 700 schools.


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