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The 2014 World Cup in doubt

First it was national hero Pele that cast doubts on the readiness of Brazil to host the event now it is military action in Rio's shanty towns and a corruption scandal. Brazil's recent preparations for hosting the 2014 World Cup have not exactly bathed the country in a positive light.

Brazil is a nation that is synonymous with football but the work to host the next World Cup was always going to be of global interest.

Former sports minister has resigned with allegations of multi-million dollar kickbacks and marines have took control of a shanty towns in Rio de Janeiro with the support of tanks and helicopter gunships. Not all is very positive about the picture Brazil would want to give to the world for hosting as Fifa, the governing body of world football, continues to express that stadium construction and the infrastructure improvements are behind schedule.

With numerous Brazilian officials attending the Soccerex Global Convention of football business and finance - that is being held in Rio de Janeiro this week for the second year running - the mood is a positive one.


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