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Author pays for own book to bring club history to life


Football News 24/7
West Midlands League Premier Division Darlaston Town are having a torrid time at the moment as they prop up the Division. Life at the Black Country Club has not always been so tough and they have had plenty of success in their long and chequered history.

A new book detailing the history of the club is due to be published shortly. The book charts the history of the club and details every major event in their history spanning more than 130 years. Author of the book Neil Chambers says - “When I started my research I had no idea myself of the history of the Club. It was just something that interested me and was a labour of love. However during my research I have found out that the club has a fantastic history and along the way I have met some wonderful people who have fantastic memories of Darlaston Town FC.

The book which is packed with facts, figures photographs and stories looks back to when the club was formed and features events and stories of some footballing legends all of whom have played a part in the history of “Darlo” including Sir Stanley Matthews, John Charles, Bert Williams and Derek Dougan

As you would expect the book features the story of Jack Burkitt the favourite son of Darlaston. After a two year spell at Darlaston Burkitt signed for Nottingham Forest and skippered them to their 1959 FA Cup Final win against Luton Town.  Without giving the story away the book tells the story as recounted to Neil by Jack Burkitt’s brother Bill of how back in the 1940s pigeons were used to relay the scores of Darlaston games to his father who at the time was running the family pub The Jollier Collier in Meeting Street Wednesbury. The book also includes the story of the day Jack brought the FA Cup back to Wednesbury to show his family.
What is perhaps remarkable is that Darlaston had four other FA Cup winners who have played for them as have two England Internationals, a Welsh International and an England Captain. For a club of its size and stature surely no other club can boast such impressive credentials.

Another unbelievable fact is that 44 players have played for them and subsequently played in the Football League and that 71 players have played in the Football League before joining Darlaston. The book includes a short biography of all 115 players who have played for Darlaston and have appeared in the Football League including at such illustrious clubs as Manchester United, Arsenal, Spurs, Aston Villa and Wolves.

The book is not confined to just looking at players and playing records. In such a long and distinguished history the club has over the years been served by hundreds of committee men and women without whom the club would not exist today. The book contains a Chapter “Hall of Fame” which recognises a few people who have given long and distinguished service to the club. People such as former Chairman Frank Stead and Club President Sir Alfred Owen both spent more than 20 years serving the club. Secretaries such as Fred Morgan and Harry Blakemore served for more than 20 years whilst more recently trainer Harry Waldron as well as Gil Preece and Dave Steventon also gave more than 20 years service”.

At 220 pages and with more than 100 photographs the book is a comprehensive history of a Football Club with a long and chequered history and covers every significant event in their history. The book will be published on 7 November and at £7.50 makes an excellent Christmas present or stocking filler. If you want to know more or wish to order a copy then contact Neil direct on 01543 458348 or email chambers568@­btinternet.­com.


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