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  • Mitre June 17

Beko goes on facebook in support of the Football League

A campaign headed by Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher to promote the Football League website to market coaching courses for kids at soccer clubs has a new partner in domestic appliance supplier Beko.

Beko have been a major sponsor for the Premier League since 2008, has announced its support of The Football League's Of­fi­ci­al­Soc­cerS­cho­ols.­co.­uk website.

Representatives of Beko added, 'As well as encouraging kids to get active, Beko is also helping their parents to support them, by creating a new social media programme: ‘Beko Mums United’. This is a new Facebook community for mums wanting to help their kids stay fit and healthy by enjoying sport.'

Head of Marketing at the Football League David Malkinson went on to say, “The Football League is innovating across both digital and non-digital areas of football. Of­fi­ci­al­Soc­cerS­cho­ols.­co.­uk is a huge step forward for clubs community engagement arms, enabling them to better market their holiday and term-time soccer and multisport activity. 

“Many children make their first connection with a club through a Soccer School and we know the site will develop more fans of the future. We are delighted that Beko is extending its support for UK football right down into the grass roots of the sport," he added.


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