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  • Mitre June 17

Manchester United and Manchester City join forces

There has been so much press this week about whether a player should be allowed to remain at a club if he withdraws his labour.

Employment law states:

If you take industrial action, you will probably be in breach of your employment contract and your employer:

  • is unlikely to pay you for the period during which industrial action is taken
  • can sue you for breaking your employment contract

Footballers are not immune from Employment Law but surely they have a duty to the fans?

Manchester United legend Paul Scholes has gone on record as saying he refused to play for his club against Arsenal in November 2001 in a league cup game after being dropped the previous week. A decision he clearly regrets but it does seem strange he should try to compare his actions to the alleged incident with Manchester City's Carlos Tevez in the Champions League game against Bayern Munich.

Scholes has gone on to be a role model for his sport but how many times will Tevez be allowed to show disrespect to the club that pays his lucrative contract?

Clearly Tevez should have the opportunity to explain his actions but with three substitutes allowed to enter the field of play in 350 odd games he has played in it's difficult to understand how a professional footballer didn't understand he needed to "warm up".


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