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Manchester United adds Van Persie to Tweet Club?

Football News 24/7
The players at Manchester United have millions of fans that follow their idols through the social networking site Twitter and latest has felt the back lash of the Football Association.

Rio Ferdinand has been fined £45,000 by the Football Association (FA) for Ashley Cole 'choc ice' tweet.

The FA ruled that Ferdinand had brought the game into disrepute but was not racist.

"The commission found that the breach included a reference to ethnic origin, colour or race," read an FA statement.

Ferdinand was also warned as to his future conduct. Manchester United have decided not to appeal against the decision.

The tweet appeared on Ferdinand's timeline after Chelsea and England left-back Cole appeared in court as a defence witness for team-mate John Terry, who was cleared of racially abusing Ferdinand's younger brother, Anton, in a game against QPR on 23 October last year.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson said: "They (the FA) want to close the door on this kind of thing.

"What surprises me is that other players have been twittering for ages and have never been challenged by the FA.

Wayne Rooney and many other high profile Manchester United players have tweeted to their fan base in the past but time will tell if Robin Van Persie joins the club especially with so much high profile exposure on the social networking channels being followed by the boss and the FA?

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