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  • Mitre June 17

Bradley Wiggins wins BBC Sports Personality award but many votes missed


Football News 24/7
Bradley Wiggins rightly won the BBC Sports Personality of the Year Award, ahead of Jennifer Ennis and Andy Murray. But despite 1.5 million sports fans voting, the crazy system that only allows a half hour window to vote was bound to run into trouble.

Here at FTD we were firmly behind Wiggo - not just because he hails from the same townas us, but his achievment of winning the Tour De France and Olympic Gold was unsurpassed in our humble opinion.

FTD Director John Booth questions the voting system though. Given the TV audience was expected to be in excess of 8 million the fact that only 1.5 million votes were received in this inter-active age suggests many voters couldn't get through.

'I tried over 200 times on the I Phone to get through without any joy. Delighted to see Bradley Wiggins won, but my vote for him is somewhere in the ether.I suspect there are 1,000's if not 100s of thousands of similar votes that were never received.

'It's been a great year for British Sport and surely the BBC can come up with a voting system that gives everyone the chance to record theirs'.'

'Still the right man won even without my help.'


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