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Huddersfield in spotlight again for a different reason

Football News 24/7
Foot­ball­tra­dedi­rec­to­ry.­com is proud to be hosting an industry open day at the Galpharm Stadium, Thursday 16th February. It's been a busy 48 hours on the pitch at Huddersfield but today attention can turn to more mundane matter for three or four hours.

Over 100 delegates will be on hand to listen to and look at  a range of presentations and exhibits. The event, the latest in a long running series is also a great networking opportunity.

As FTD Managing Director George Moss explains:

'These events have become part of the football calendar. They are free for delegates to attend and attract an audience from all areas of football. Today I know we have delegates ranging from the PFA to local non league teams, from ticleting and teamwear companies, artificial surfaces to insurance, cardiac care to football contracts and so on.

'Whatever you role in football there is something in the day for you. They are informal and that's the beauty of them. Today's event kicks off at 11 am and any latecomers are more than welcome.''

The Open Day is in the Revell Ward Suite, Galpharm Stadium, Huddesfield Town FC and runs from 11 am until about 3.00 pm


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