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  • Mitre June 17

Band are throwing their weight behind Great Britain

Football News 24/7
The Pukka Pies Band are throwing their weight behind Great Britain for the second time when it all kicks off in London next week.

The band were out banging the drum for Great Britain in Beijing when the team secured a record medal haul and they are hoping for even better in 2012.

As part of the buildup the Band met up for an exclusive training session with Great British pole vaulter Kate Dennison at her Loughborough training base where she put them through their paces.

Throughout the tournament the Pukka Pies Band will again be giving their unique support to Great Britain’s male and female hockey teams as they go for Gold on home soil.

The band will be providing a video diary of their time in London throughout the two weeks and keeping you up to date on their movements through their dedicated YouTube channel.

Tim Storer, Co-Managing Director of Pukka Pies, said; “We are delighted the Pukka Pies Band will be giving their full support to the team in London this summer”.

“We have a long tradition in supporting hockey in the UK through our sponsorship of Leicester Ladies Hockey Club and we are looking forward to seeing some of the team represent their country at the highest level.”

John Hemmingham, leader of the Pukka Pies Band, said; “The whole band are excited about heading down to London this summer to support our team.

“Beijing was a wonderful experience and the team secured a record number of medals and I am sure with the home support we can go even further this time around.”

Check out the Pukka Pies Band pole vault training with Kate Dennison and watch the video diaries from the Band in London at www.­youtube.­com/­pukkapiessport

Follow the Pukka Pies Band in London on twitter @PukkaPiesBand

Become a Pukka Pies Band fan on Facebook at www.­facebook.­com/­pukkapiesband

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