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  • Mitre June 17

Chelsea agree mutual sponsorship deal with F1 team Sauber


Chelsea chief executive Ron Gourlay has confirmed this week that a pioneering 'cross brand' sponsorship deal will be announced by the club and F1 team Sauber in within two months.

The partnership between the brands, which was struck initially in April,  will see both sides commercially sponsoring the other, in a bid to increase their respective global profiles. 

Although footballers are known for their flashy sports cars, not all F1 fans are too keen on football, and so the deal will give more exposure to a new fanbase for the club, and vice-versa for Sauber.

Gourlay siad "The first commercial venture will be announced in two months time...It will give us a the foundation and platform to build."

Gourlay however was keen to stress that it was also the two brand's similar thinking that was behind the deal, and not just the commercial gains.

"It's wider than just commercial. We both want to be winners in our field and have the same values."

With the F1 season seeing races take place in such diverse locations as Abu Dabhi, Malaysia and now the US, having Chelsea as a commercial sponsor will certainly do the club no harm as it looks to compete with the likes of Barcelona and Man. United on the global scale. 

Similarly, with the Premier League being the most watched football league in the world, public awareness can only be heightened by Sauber being seen week in week out by football fans.
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