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  • Mitre June 17

Increase in Scottish clubs 'in distress' according to survey by business recovery firm Begbies Traynor


The state of Scottish football getting worse, a survey by Begbies Traynor has revealed. The business recovery firm first did the survey in April 2012, and have reported that since then a further two clubs have come under 'distress'.

Ken Patullo, who works for the company, told the BBC news website some of the symptoms that cause this distress:

"The survey shows that the relegation of Rangers has had some impact, but lower attendances and falling revenues, and in particular reducing TV money, has given rise to the distress..."

With Ranger's financial woes last year shocking everyone in Scottish football, and the prospect of Hearts ceasing to exist by the end of the month, this survey only confirms that the state of Scottish football is deteriorating rapidly, and that situations like Hearts will become more frequent whilst clubs fail to increase turnover.

What is most worrying about the survey according to Begbies is that the rise in distress levels has come at a time of year when clubs should be at their financial peak with income such as season tickets, various sponsorship and television payments, as well as any transfer income all contributing. 

Mr Patullo warned "The plain fact is that if a club is in trouble at this stage of the season looks very bleak for the prospects of financial survival...".
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