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  • Mitre June 17

Malaga face financial issues as UEFA block prize money for the Spanish club

Spanish club Malaga are facing several financial restraints despite the club finishing higher in the Spanish top flight than ever before last season, and having a place in the lucrative Champion's League.

UEFA put the club on a list of teams in September which will not receive prize money for their participation in the Champions League until the club can meet with Financial Fair Play regulations.

Owner Sheikh Abdullah Al Talli still owes 70% of last season's wages to his staff, and although there have been sporadic payments made but there is still a long way to go, given that there are also bonuses to be paid for Champions League qualification.

For the time being it seems though that the team are sticking by their elusive owner, who went on Spanish television recently to reaffirm his commitment to the club. 

The Spanish taxman has stopped any income going into the club since the Sheikh took over the club in 2010, and there could be up to 20 million euros in Champions League money which could not be retained by the club.

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