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McCoist says the fans should decide whether Ibrox is renamed with Newcastle owner Mike Ashley waiting in the wings


Rangers are the latest in a long line of clubs who are looking at selling off the naming rights to their stadium, currently called Ibrox.

With recent reports suggesting  Newcastle owner Mike Ashley was in talks with Rangers Chief Executive Charles Green over rebranding the stadium with his Sports Direct retail label, McCoist gave his opinion of what it would mean to rename one of Britain's most iconic football grounds.

"I can appreciate it's a really delicate issue and I would imagine it would split fan opinion. I've got to be honest and say I'm pretty open-minded about it.

"At the same time, I definitely think the fans would certainly have to have a voice and an opinion on the final decision."

"We saw the reaction of the Newcastle fans when it happened down there and I'd imagine a good percentage of our support would feel the same way."

McCoist was referring to when Ashley renamed Newcastle's St. James' Park the Sports Direct Arena, sparking outrage amongst Toon fans and even the wider community outside football in Newcastle.

The move, never properly accepted by most fans, was overturned recently when Ashley sold the naming rights of Newcastle's ground to loan company Wonga, who renamed the ground St. James.

McCoist chose to stay on the fence for the time being on the issue, saying:

"My own opinion is that I'm neither for or against it - I'm reasonably open-minded."

"I do understand the business side of it but I do understand, more than anything, history and tradition."

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