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New proposals for re-structure of Scottish Football unanimously voted for by Scottish teams but will some still exist by the time it is changed?


All 30 teams in Scotland have voted in support of a plan to condense the current leagues into three tiers, with the current SPL being expanded to 16 teams from the current 12, with new play-off systems deciding promotion to the top flight.

The SPL would itself be renamed the Premier Division, with the Championship and Division 1 respectively beneath it. The bottom two clubs in the top division would be automaitcally relegated, but interestingly two sides above them would face off against the sides who finished 3rd and 4th in the Championship in a play off, with the winner either gaining or retaining a place in the Premier Division.

There would also be two automatic relegation slots for the Championship and accordingly two automatic promotion slots for Division 1, with 3rd, 4th, and 5th place entering into a play off.

The plan, made by SFL chief exec. David Longmuir, doesn't just involve the league, but also the League Cup, proposing a seeding system similar to that of the Champions League.

However, Longmuir's idea of having teams such as Celtic and Rangers field 'B' sides in the lower division after opposition from other clubc.

If these plans are agreed upon by both the SPL and SFA, they would not be implemented for another two seasons, which for some sides seems like a long way away.

Rangers by then could have gained promotion to the First Divison, and depending how selection for the merger with the SPL is decided, could find themselves back in the top flight. But for clubs like Hearts, who face a strong possibility of being liquidated in the next few weeks, these plans might not be on their list of priorities.

With a report recently from a debt recovery agency showing that a significant amount of Scottish clubs are under 'financial distress' these changes in structure would hopefully benefit all clubs financially.

Having a bigger top league would certainly make it more competitive, and draw more fans, as well as television revenues, and perhaps further down the line could allow for more European competition spots, which would generate more revenue.

This proposals at the moment, though voted for unanimously, are still proposals, and there is a lot of work ahead before they will be official.
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