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Port Vale; New owners meet the fans and promise positive change


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New owners Paul Wildes and Norman Smurthwaite met over 400 fans at Vale Park on Wednesday night to outline their vision for the club.

Wildes, said: "We have no debt, we own our own stadium and we can start to develop commercial activities.

"But the biggest revenue for the club is from gate receipts, so it's up to you.

"The answer to how quickly we can get success on the field is dependent on how many people come back to watch Port Vale over the next one, two or three seasons because all of the money from that will go to the squad."

"It's also about Micky Adams making the football attractive to watch, and he's done a good job of that."

Wildes said he would support Adams both in the January transfer window and in the summer.

He added: "Hopefully we'll be promoted and be in League One next year and, if we are, we'll have a budget that is competitive.

"We'll be preparing our forecast for the Football League based on gate receipts for what we hope will be a successful campaign, but we need supporters to back us.

"We wouldn't want to be going up to League One and scratching around at the bottom."

Amongst a range of new ideas Wildes announced a new superstore, containing a re-housed ticket office, would be in place for the start of the 2013/14 season at the front of Vale Park.

He also has plans for a digital ticketing system as part of a move to improve the match-day experience and will look at the possibility of new kit suppliers.

In the shorter tearm a new half-season ticket and reduced ticket game were announced as part of the initiative to get more fans on board.


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