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  • Mitre June 17

Chelsea's John Terry and the FA must act in the best interest of the game

For an incident that happened 12 months ago the continued media exposure is doing the game no good. Terms like "improbable, implausible, contrived" in the hearing bring into question the decision given in a court of law.

Whether he did or he did not do it, it is time to end this. Who would want to be an England manager as once again we allow the media to make hay at the expense of our national game?

Feelings are running high and Ashley Cole will be the next to feel the wrath. Nobody in the game wants racism but players who cross the line should be fined on a consistent basis. For example 2 weeks wages but suspending players does not help the game as supporters suffer. Why not bring in penalties that help the sport by donating the "wages" fine to a grass roots football charity and impose say 100 hours for the player to work with a grass roots organisation to improve the game?

This week is about providing excellence to our national game with the official opening of the £100m training home of England the FA’s new national football centre.

The Royals will officially launch the new national facility after enjoying a tour of the site and meeting senior figures from The FA, local community figureheads and young grassroots players.

It is a great opportunity for the FA to show the kind of leadership that the game needs if we are to compete at the highest levels.

As Gordon Taylor, the PFA Chairman, has said John Terry must accept the FA ruling and move on, but let’s also think about the fans the game needs and the players of the future.


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