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  • Mitre June 17

Jason Roberts continues protest as Kick It Out week draws to a close

Football News 24/7
According to reports, Jason Roberts will not wear a Kick It Out anti-racism T-shirt again until he is satisfied more has been done to address racism in football.

BBC Sports suggested that The Reading striker, who  boycotted the T-shirt on Saturday after criticising football's authorities for not doing enough to tackle racism will do the same at the weekend.

"People are talking about it now, so it has had its desired effect," Roberts told BBC Radio Berkshire.

"I hope we are a step further to moving things forward after the weekend."

A number of black players - including Manchester United defender Rio Ferdinand his brother Anton, who plays for QPR - joined Roberts in refusing to wear the Kick It Out T-shirts last weekend, prompting the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA) to issue a six-point action plan to deal with racism.

Roberts, 34, added: "I believe in the PFA and in what it can do and believe they have the power to change things.

"Discussions are ongoing to improve the equalities department within the PFA."

Kick It Out's annual awareness drive started on 18 October and runs until 29 October, with players traditionally wearing T-shirts as a show of support for the campaign group and its message.

Roberts insists his actions are not a personal attack on the organisation itself.

"I am not here to criticise Kick It Out," he insisted. "If it was a T-shirt from another organisation trying to give that message, then I would not have worn it.

"It was not a specific attack on Kick It Out, although I do recognise they have to do better. I've worked with Kick It Out, I've worked with the union and we all have to do better, this whole situation has come about because people want us to do better."


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