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Blackburn Rovers 'out of control and incompetent' as Henning Berg awarded £2.25m


Blackburn Rovers have been ordered to pay £2.25million to former manager Henning Berg after managing the club for 57 days.

The case was heard at Manchester Civil Justice Centre after it was adjourned last week with the owners of Rovers saying Managing Director Derek Shaw was not authorised to agree the termination level. The compensation for loss of office amounts to £40k per day.

Director Paul Agnew’s witness statement, one of several documents lodged in an attempt to demonstrate that Berg was not entitled to his three years’ pay, went “on and on and one” and did “not contribute anything,” the court heard.

It was also reported on Sky News that the club stated it was in disarray and despite the financial support of the owners the tennure has proved difficult with reports in some newspapers that the Venky's could be considering it is time to sell the club.

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