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Running West Ham United is "kids play"


Football is a "man's world" but one woman who is a respected member of the "club" is West Ham Football Club vice-chairman Karren Brady who is reported on London 24 that being a housewife is more challenging than running a business.

Brady started her career in football at Birmingham City Football Club at the age of just 23, becoming Managing Director. She is famous for returning to work when her daughter was just three days old such was the pressure put on this incredible woman.

The business guru spent three months at home between selling the club for £82million in 2009 and starting at the east London club.

As she told the Radio Times: “I was still in my dressing gown at midday. I found it the hardest work I have ever done and the least respected. You spend all day cooking the most beautiful meal and the kids come home and say, ‘I’ll have beans on toast’.

“I told my husband I’d cleaned out the airing cupboard and he looked at me like I’d gone mad. There’s no appreciation for such chores. And when you phone someone and their PA asks where you’re calling from, you think, ‘My living room!’ I couldn’t wait to get back to work.

“It’s harder to run a home than an £82million business.”

Ex Birmingham football player Paul Peschisolido, gave up his international career to run their home while his wife spends her working week at a flat in London, she replied: “No, because I still do them. He’s not that handy. He’s there, but he’s not that amazing around the house.

Even so Brady's work load with West Ham United, securing another season in the Premier League, will get no easier but in Karren they have a shining example that women can compete for the top football jobs.

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