The club have informed the Football Association of their investigation.

The club released a statement which read: "Port Vale strongly urge supporters who enjoy taking part in racially motivated abuse not to attend,"

"Port Vale does not tolerate mindless behaviour of any kind and any supporter who is found to be partaking in abusive or discriminatory behaviour of a racist nature faces a life ban from Vale Park, as well as the possibility of criminal proceedings."

"These allegations tarnish not only the good name of Port Vale Football Club, but also the thousands of Valiants supporters, including families and children, who attend home games with no issues."

Vale have asked for anyone with information related to the alleged chants to contact the club. Complaints were made by members of the home crowd.

Club Chairman Norman Smurthwaite, used social media site Twitter to reiterate the club's stance on racist abuse, personally urging to fans involved in any abuse to stay away from future games at Vale Park.