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Professional players sold short on boots

The modern day professional footballer has access to the best training facilities, the best coaches, the best medical attention and play on some of the best surfaces. This is exactly how it should be.They are given everything they need and provided with every opportunity to perform at their best to excite and dazzle a passionate audience.

Detailed attention is given to their highly tuned and athletic body, undoubtedly this is their most important tool they have, to be able to apply their trade. Then they put their feet into a pair of off the shelf boots designed to appeal to the masses. They squeeze their feet into footwear which could cause injury reduce playing time or even worse help shorten a flourishing career. Why are professional players and indeed their clubs and agents willing to accept second best when it comes to the fitting of their boots and trainers? Probably because no one has taken the time to highlight the dangers associated with ill-fitting footwear. The only players that get some attention directed at their footwear are the elite few at the very top and those that have a medical need and/or those that suffer from consistent injury.

A players boots are the second most important tool they need in order to be able to play the beautiful game. Little or no attention is placed on providing the player with correctly fitted footwear that matches their foot shape, foot proportion and their individual gait style could help reduce the risk of injury, improve their stability, allow a greater ease of movement.

Players benefit from fantastic boot sponsorship deals from the top brands. Not only are they paid to wear a particular brand but they are also sent free boots to wear. Only an elite few would be able to benefit from personalised customizations the rest have to make do with wearing boots that could potentially have a negative effect on their playing career.

Pro-fit is now able to meet the needs of any professional player and provide a customisation to their boots making them completely bespoke and engineered to their individual biomechanical make up. Pro-fit’s customisations help a player have confidence in their boots to perform at the highest level with footwear that matches the same high standards that already exist in every other area of the game. Pro-fit boot customizations meet the biomechanical needs of each individual, which in turn reduces their risk of injury and helps to improve their lower limb health.

The close work we have done with the Physio’s at Arsenal in customizing a player’s boots has helped reduce the risk injury to one of their first team players and made him available for selection more often at Arsenal and resulted in an England call up. This is a great example of the more readily available a player is the greater the impact on his team, his club and his career.

Pro-fit’s professional player boot service enables a player to reap the rewards from their lucrative sponsorship deals but at the same time benefit from customised boots that match their foot shape, foot proportion foot size and meets their individual biomechanical style. This will elevate the attention they pay to their feet and boots to the same heights already being applied to every other aspect of their game and career.

For more information please visit their website www.pro-fit-footwear.co.uk


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