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Former Stamford AFC chairman Chris Rivett has revealed he is forming a multi-discipline sporting club.

Football News 24/7
Former Stamford AFC chairman Chris Rivett has revealed he is forming a multi-discipline sporting club.

The club will be called Olympic Catuvellauni (pronounced Cat-oo-well-orn-ee). The Olympic aspect is
in recognition of forming a London 2012 legacy, inspired by last summer's games, whilst Catuvellauni
is a nod to the Celtic tribe that emerged in ancient Britain to become one of the most powerful tribes in
Southern England

Catuvellauni's territory covered several counties and, given the expectation that the
club's work will stretch beyond Nor­tha­mpton­shi­re's borders, the name was adopted to recognise that.
Rivett, the managing director of Final Third Sports Media, an award-winning company that he set-up in
2005, explained: "I have been very flattered by the opportunities that have come my way since leaving

However, having spent time considering whether I wished to take up another role
exclusively in football, I started to look at the alternatives and the chance to build a brand new club,
structured around modern beliefs and values, really appeals to me. It is something that just doesn't
happen these days, not from scratch.

"I feel very passionately about doing something community-focused that benefits grassroot clubs and
local schools upwards, and not just in one sports code. Multi-sport disciplines are very common on the
continent, as well as in America, and I've seen first-hand the additional benefits they offer a

“Having worked at the Games [for the Olympic News Service] the ideology of 'inspiring a generation'
has become almost a cliche to some but for most who were directly involved, and certainly me
personally, that has been a big focus since the Olympics and it is my intention to set something up that
will benefit the local sport scene in a variety of ways.

"At the initial stages of bouncing the idea around to industry contacts I was hoping someone would tell
me it was a mad idea but quite the contrary, the level of enthusiasm for the project has been
encouraging and we are already very close to announcing the first branch of the club that we are
confident will attract Team GB Olympians to represent it.

"We are also at the preliminary stage of conversations with other sporting codes about becoming part
of the Olympic Catuvellauni family."

Since leaving the Daniels in March, Rivett, 34, has been blogging regularly about his initial plans on
the subject on www.­mys­por­tstho­ugh­ts.­com. For further updates you can follow @OlyCats and
@chrisrivett on twitter. The club's official website will launch at www.­olycats.­co.­uk in the summer.



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