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Will Wayne Rooney be at Manchester United much longer?


A sending off from a certain Turkish referee grabbed all the headlines after Tuesday night's Champions League game between Manchester United and Real Madrid.

But as the dust continues to settle from a thrilling game at Old Trafford, one of the biggest questions people are now asking is this, what is the furture of Wayne Rooney?

Wayne Rooney was dropped in startlingly similar circumstances to when Alex Ferguson dropped David Beckham ten years previously, in the exact same game- in the Champions League, at home to Real Madrid. That, coupled with Fergie's game of 'catch the boot with your face' proved to be virtually the end for Beckham's United career, and he left in the summer to join none other than Real Madrid.

So, given the parallels between the two, would it not make sense that Wayne would also move on at the end of the season? After all, this isn't an idea that has suddenly materialised, there have been rumblings all season, with Rooney being left out at the start to make way for new star striker Robin Van Persie.

The signing of Van Persie himself could have been taken as a bad omen from Rooney's point of view, with Fergie making it clear that he no longer wants to rely on him as United's main source of goals.

And of course, there was the time, that player, manager, and club alike have all swept under the carpet since it happenend in 2010. Wayne Rooney saying he wanted to leave Manchester United, as he was unhappy with the strength of the squad. Ironic then, that the strengthening brought by Van Persie may ultimately be what drives Rooney away from Old Trafford.

That incident was resolved, Rooney did a u-turn, he and Fergie kissed and made up, and Rooney signed a new long term contract. But Fergie doesn't seem to see Rooney in the same way now, and the impression given is that if Rooney made some noise about wanting to leave, Fergie actually might let him.

Then we come to the question of who could actually sign him, and where would Rooney want to go? Mega rich PSG are now thought to be considering an offer at the end of the season, but since they are linked with any player worth more than 20 million pounds the validity of that remains to be seen. 

In England, the only clubs that could possibly afford both the fee and Rooney's wages would be Chelsea and Manchester City. To Mr. Abramovich, the prospect of having Wayne Rooney and Fernando Torres in the same side might be tempting as he looks to rejuvenate a faltering Chelsea side.

As for City, well they could certainly afford it, and they were most strongly linked to Rooney when he said he wanted to leave in 2010, but after so long with United, could Rooney face the wrath of the red half of Manchester by putting on the shirt for the blue half?

Wayne Rooney has always been one of those players that everyone regards as 'unsellable', too valuable an asset, too much of a difference maker in the pitch to consider getting rid of. But with only a second half substitute appearance in United's most important game of the season, can anyone really say that Wayne Rooney is 'unsellable' anymore?
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