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Bizarre Non League game postponement hits headlines


Last weekend must have been a first in competitive football as The Southern Counties East League game between Canterbury City and Whytleafe was called off after the visitors arrived with a near identical kit to the home side.

Landlords Herne Bay gave Canterbury City (who are playing at Herne Bay this season) permission to force the lock on their kitroom, but they were unable too.

The issue was compounded by the fact the ground had to be vacated by 6pm due to a private function, with this in mind the referee set a deadline of 3.30pm to start the game.

Some of the Whytleafe party drove to Ramsgate to buy kits but got back to the ground just after the 3.30 deadline and with players not properly warmed up the referee said he had no choice but to call the game off and Whytleafe are stuck with a load of kits they don't need.

Fans were offered cash refunds or free entry to the next home game.

Whatever the rights and wrongs of it all credit to the referee for coming onto Radio Kent to explain his actions.


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