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UEFA give their support for winter switch for Qatar 2022


UEFA's 54 associations have accepted that a winter World Cup in Qatar 2022 is the best option.

Jim Boyce, vice-president of FIFA has said the UEFA organisations back a winter move, but want further consultation witht eh wider footballing world before an exact date is set. All 54 associations are currently meeting in Croatia, with the Qatar 2022 dilemma one of the key talking points.

The FIFA Exeutive Committee meets at the start of October in Zurich, when a decision on Qatar is likely to be made.

Speaking from Croatia, Boyce said, "There were certain reservations regarding the World Cup in Qatar but everyone agreed that it would be impossible to play in the severe heat of Qatar in the summer."

"What the member associations want to see at the FIFA ExCo in October is that a task force is set up for everyone involved in Qatar to sit around the table and come up with the best solution with the minimum disruption."

"They all agreed to take thousands of fans to the greatest sporting event in the world in the middle of the summer would be just impossible."

"It's very important we get this right, it's very important that everyone involved has a meeting, the people with their concerns as well but it is most important is that we have a World Cup where spectators can go and enjoy themselves."

Boyce also didn't rule out the possibility of the event being taken away from Qatar.

"At the end of the day, the best interests of football have to be sorted out and I am very confident that will be done. It's purely a one-off."

"It's wrong to speculate at the moment when this is going to be played. The stakeholders need to sit down and come up with the best solution. Many leagues in Europe have a break but my own preference would be for the end of January and early February. Hopefully FIFA will come up with the right solution."

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) as stated that they would rather the tournament was not around January and February due to a clash with the Winter Games. That would mean a November/­December slot, which would cause major issues for Europe's continental competitions.

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