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AFC Bournemouth to look for new stadium site

AFC Bournemouth Chief Executive, Neill Blake, has confirmed that the club are to being the process of looking for a site for their new stadium.

AFC Bournemouth had hoped to purchase the ground from, Structadene, the current owners of the stadium. However, that doesn't seem an option after Blake said the club "will not be held to ransom over a price to purchase the existing site."

The club have recently submitted planning permission to redevelop the South Stand with the application set to go before planned later this month. However, the club have said that they aren't "going to develop a stadium that they don't own".  During discussions between the club and Bournemouth Borough Council have indicated that the council have made it "clear that they would not welcome a significantly bigger stadium in Kings Park".

AFC Bournemouth hope that the new stadium will built and ready to host matches for the start of the 2020/21 season.


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