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Are Everton the latest club to become American owned?


According to an exclusive story in the Daily Star, Everton look set to become the latest Premier League club to fall into American hands.
Chicago investors recently bought 25 per cent of Bournemouth, while two wealthy New Yorkers are close to announcing the purchase of a stake in Crystal Palace.

Talk of a £225m takeover of Everton by a Kansas consortium last month proved wide of the mark.

But it's understood by Star reporters that several other US groups are still looking at the club - and the prospect of a sale is edging ever closer.

A Wall Street source told Starsport: "I would say the chances of Everton being sold are higher than they have been for some time.

"Interest in the Premier League has never been higher. I know of several groups looking to invest in clubs over there, and Everton is certainly a name I hear mentioned.

"I know Bill Kenwright has been trying to sell the club for a long time, so it isn't from a lack of trying. It's certainly a club that's ripe for investment.

"Most of these guys who want to invest in the Premier League have some background in US sports, and in the current climate, with the TV money there is in soccer now, it does look very attractive."

Arsenal, Manchester United, Liverpool and Sunderland are all currently under American ownership, while Randy Lerner is currently trying to sell Aston Villa.

It's understood that at least three different people have claimed a mandate in the States to sell Everton in recent years.

Robb Heineman, who was linked with a takeover last month via the group which owns MLS club Sporting Kansas City, said recently: "I actually think there are a couple of legitimate groups that are talking to Bill Kenwright right now about buying the team.

"But I think there are some serious groups in the mix and I think it will get solved in the next few months."

Kenwright, who bought Everton from former owner Peter Johnson for £20m in 1999, has been searching for investment for years.

But the theatre impresario, who has been battling ill-health, has so far failed to find a buyer.


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