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Arsenal boss expresses concerns over social media


One of the topics Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger touched upon during his Friday (31st October) press conference amongst other, was the impact of social media on the game.

Wenger said: "We (Arsenal) are concerned about Twitter and things going out of the club that should not go out.

"It is important to keep that under control. In the modern world that is very difficult but we try."

Since the FA first exercised its jurisdiction to capture inappropriate comments on social media in the 2010-11 season, it has investigated 121 cases.

In 18 of these cases, no further action was taken, 27 resulted in warnings being issued to the participant, 16 resulted in the participant being reminded of their respon­sibi­lities and 60 ended in charges being issued.

The governing body has collected around £350,000 in fines.

QPR's Rio Ferdinand was earlier this week banned for three matches for inappropriate remarks made on his twitter account - and given that the player is one of the FA's panel of Experts, it demonstrates all too clearly the issues instant media creates for players and clubs alike.


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