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Arsenal's 4-1 Champions League win marred by fan arrests before and during the game

At least seven people were arrested prior to, and during, Arsenal's convincing 4-1 win over Galatasaray at the Emirates last night, the Police have confirmed.

There was a brief stoppage during the match after away fans threw lit flares, which landed on the edge of the pitch, but flares were also thrown around a nearby pub before the match. Two men were later arrested for attempting to enter the ground with flares.

The other arrests came for a variety of reasons, with Police still investigating any more possible offences that may have taken place, and UEFA has stated that it will not take action against Galatasaray or Arsenal until it's match delegate compiles their report.

Arsenal enjoyed a more comfortable night on the pitch, despite the brief distraction caused by the flares, as they thumped the Turkish side 4-1, with striker Danny Welbeck netting his first career hat-trick.

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