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Average ticket price in Premier League is £31

Research conducted by the Premier League has said that the on average it costs £31 to attend a Premier League match.

The research is the first time that a definitive report on its clubs' ticket prices has been conducted by the Premier League, The results show the average ticket price this season is £31, and that over half (56%) of the 12.5million tickets sold cost £30 or less.

All clubs have supplied data by that shows the cost of every ticket sold or available this season.

The information showed that a quarter of all tickets sold are £20 or cheaper. In addition, it also shows the vast majority of fans in Premier League stadiums are season ticket holder, with data showing 71% of supporters across the clubs were season ticket holders.

This season signalled the start of bringing ticket prices under control with Premier League clubs agreeing on a price cap for away fans £30 per ticket for the next three seasons. In addition to this, from next season clubs have agreed a new rule that will mean away clubs at every match will be allocated at least one pitch side block for their fans.

"The fans are an integral part of the Premier League," Premier League Executive Chairman Richard Scudamore said. "Their passion, commitment and support are valued enormously by the players, clubs and the League.

"This research shows how hard the clubs are working to make Premier League football accessible - home and away - and keep their grounds full and vibrant. Clubs are offering tremendous value.

"These figures will go a long way to busting some of the myths perpetrated about the cost of attending Premier League matches and hopefully encourage even more people to attend a live match."


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