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Bomb disposal company Ramora UK to exhibit at FTD's latest networking event on October 16th

FTD are pleased to announce leading bomb disposal company Ramora UK will be exhibiting at our next networking event at the Halliwell Jones Stadium on October 16th.

Ramora UK have a proven track record of delivering high quality Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) solutions to a wide range of clients, via their 24/7 Emergency Response Centre.

One of the specialist services offered by Ramora UK focuses on marine flares, also known as Miscellaneous Pyrotechnics (MPs). Marine flares and other pyrotechnics have become a huge problem at football grounds with the number of incidents growing year on year. 

The health and safety risks associated with these incidents are immense and there is an ever growing pressure on football clubs to manage and reduce this risk.

To enable clients to mitigate against any health and safety risks posed by MPs, Ramora UK provide the following specialist services to help equip companies, such as football clubs, with the knowledge and capability to deal with any incidents involving explosives:

-       Specialist flare and explosive handling and storage training

-       Bespoke licenced flare storage solutions

-       24/7 Emergency Helpline for explosive guidance and advice

-       Reactive explosive collection and disposal

The issue of flares inside football stadiums has been one that until recent years was restricted to other European countries, however the number of flares set at English football grounds is on the rise.

FTD's Managing Director John Booth said, "We're delighted that Ramora UK will be attending our Warrington event. The issue of flares in football grounds is an increasingly large one, and we hope that Ramora can use our event to get the word out about how to safely deal with this problem."

"It's not something people necessarily think about, but flares are dangerous objects to take to football grounds, and Ramora's services could be vital to clubs faced with this issue."

Preparations are well under way for the event, on October 16th, with a slightly different choice of venue, with the Stadium home to Warrington Wolves (rugby).

It does however present a unique opportunity for some good crossover between the two sports, and as ever, it will be free to attend for delegates!

If you would like to register your attendance, or are interested in exhibiting, please email or give us a call on 0843 507 9000.

For further information on any of Ramora UK’s services, please contact them on 08454 608911 or email


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