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Championship: Birmingham City confirm club not renewing services of stand in chairman for Carson Yeung

Peter Pannu, the man tasked with running Birmingham City FC after their owner was jailed in Hong Kong, has been told by the club his services are no longer needed.

In a brief statement the club stated that his contract, which expired at the end of September, would not be renewed

It also stated, "Panagiotis Pavlakis (Panos) will continue to act as representative of the BCFC Board in the UK and oversee the day-to-day running of the club with full support from the UK management team."

"BCFC wishes Mr Pannu all the best for the future."

Pannu signed his five-year consultancy agreement with majority shareholder Carson Yeung in September 2009. Since then Yeung's involvement in the club has come under scrutiny after accusations of money laundering were made.

In March, the accusations turned out to be true, and he was found guilty of the crime and jailed for six years, with Pannu, who had been helping with the running of the club during Yeung's trial.

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