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Championship: Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan agrees to change club colours back to blue


Cardiff City owner Vincent Tan has announced that the club's colours will be changed back to the traditional blue from today onwards.

The announcement comes after a meeting of club officials and a cross section of City supporters on Thursday evening, the conclusion of which has led Tan to have a change of heart about the club's crest and colours.

Tan angered many fans by changing the club's traditional blue strip to red soon after taking over the club, and many fans have stayed away from games in protest.

In a statement on the club's official website, Tan cited spending time with his mother over the Christmas period as influencing his decision. A devout Buddhist, apparently spoke to Tan "on the importance of togetherness, unity and happiness."

Tan went on to say, "Cardiff City Football Club is important to me and I wish to see it united and happy.  With the guidance, blessing and influence of my mother, I asked my Chairman, Mehmet Dalman and Chief Executive Officer, Ken Choo for their advice and to consult with a good cross-section of the fan base."

"This meeting took place last night, when some seventy representatives of our supporters were present. My thanks and gratitude to those who gave up their evening and time to be there."

"I am informed that this was a very productive and frank exchange of views, but all with the same objective to strengthen our Club. These views were also added to by a large number of emails that were sent to the Club over the last 24 hours from our wider supporter base."

Tan went on to say that in order for the club to progess together, the following changes will be implemented.

1. Starting from Saturday, 10 January 2015 and until the end of this season, our home kit shall be Blue. Our Away Kit shall be Red. I would like to thank the Football League for their approval to facilitate my request.

2. For the 2015/16 season, Cardiff City’s home kit colour shall be Blue. Our Away Kit colour shall be Red. 

3. The Club badge will be redesigned to reflect the dominance of the Bluebird, while celebrating the proud history and heritage of the Club.  I also wish to incorporate elements representative of my culture and beliefs, which I hope are respected.

4. As the Chairman has explained, the debt to equity resolution is not straigh­tforward. We will deal with this in due course, with all decisions made in the best interest of the Club.

5. For the 2015/16 Season, Non Price Freeze Season Tickets will be reduced and Price Freeze Season Tickets shall be adjusted accordingly to match these prices.

The changes are likely to meet with strong approval from Cardiff fans, who have been campaigning for the traditional colours and logo to be reinstated for 

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