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Chelsea boss vows to fight on after Liverpool defeat

 According to BBC Sport Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho believes he will be given time to turn around Chelsea's fortunes after Liverpool fought back from a goal down to inflict a sixth Premier League defeat this season.

Asked if he thought it was his last game in charge, he said: "No, I don't."

The 52-year-old told BBC Sport: "The fans aren't stupid. They know how much myself and the players are trying."

Mourinho has never lost more than six league matches in an entire league campaign as Chelsea manager, and says both he and the team will continue to battle.

"The fight goes on, but sometimes there are fights very impossible to win. You go to a fight with different ammunition," he added, having been photographed in discussion with his coaches on the pitch after the match.

In the BT Sport interview, the Portuguese manager looked visibly shaken and responded with questions about his team's performance and his future by repeating, "I have nothing to say".

And in his BBC interview, when asked about Liverpool midfielder Lucas not receiving a second yellow, Mourinho responded with, "I don't speak" before adding in his news conference later that he feared he would be reprimanded if he did express his views.

"I am punished if I tell you," he said, as he awaits the outcome of two disciplinary matters.

He then cryptically added: "And what happened in the second half, everything was the consequence of a crucial moment. Everybody in the stadium saw, the players felt it. What happens is now a consequence."

Mourinho said his relationship with the press would change  in the build up to last week's defeat against West Ham. It was in reaction to the reporting of him being filmed by members of the public using mobile phones.

In Saturday's news conference, he added: "As professionals the players are not getting the respect they deserve. We are not going to have a great Saturday dinner.

"I am sorry about lack of respect for professionals. You are intelligent guys. At the next press conference I will bring you nice glasses and you will see things in a better way."


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