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Chelsea check in with HotelTonight

HotelTonight have signed a deal to become the first ever mobile application partner with Chelsea.

As part of the deal, the hotel booking service will offer special rates for customers who book from Stamford Bridge through its GeoRates service.

Chelsea managing director, Christian Purslow said “Chelsea Football Club is thrilled to name HotelTonight as our first mobile app partner and is delighted by the opportunity this brings our supporters at our matches.”

He added "We’re pleased to connect them with the perfect solution to turn a match into a night at a great hotel.”

Ray Elias, HotelTonight’s chief marketing officer, added, “Chelsea FC is an iconic global brand with incredibly loyal supporters who come from far and wide, and attending matches, whether home or away, is more than just an event for many. It’s often a whole day and even a weekend."


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