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Chelsea dent City's title chances

Chelsea and City didn't invent buying success. As you'll remember, one of the reasons the transfer window was introduced in 2001 was to stop the big clubs buying players from smaller teams at any stage of the season.

The economics of football have changed dramatically since gate receipts actually paid the players wages. Sponsorship deals, TV rights, foreign investment and shirt sales in Asia fund our teams these days.

Yes, it seems a bit vulgar spending billions of pounds that hasn't been earned, but the reality is it is the only way teams can compete. The gap between the big teams had just become too vast.

In an ideal world we would all like all the teams to have the same amount of money and I assume you all agree that no individual fan is more deserving than another to watch the great players. But how can this happen? I would be interested in experimenting with a team salary cap across all teams, but I just can't see that happening.

Sadly the Utopia we all want doesn't exist. If we want to compete in Europe, we need to spend big like our rivals.


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