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Dundee chief warns that more clubs could follow into administration

Dundee Football Club chief executive Harry MacLean has warned that further clubs will fall into administration unless there is an overhaul of the Scottish game.

The Dark Blues are currently in administration and were punished with a 25 point deduction from The Scottish Football League which leaves them bottom of the Irn Bru Scottish Football League Division One.

MacLean believes more club are set to follow in time.  Speaking to A Different League he said:  “Well according to David Longmuir (Chief Executive of the Scottish Football League) he has now been involved in 3 administrations since taking office in 2007. That doesn't show me that the SFL have been actively looking for solutions to avoid the problem, preferring instead to ignore the clear financial issues within the league structure.”

“How difficult would it be to have some sort of quarterly club report sent in detailing each clubs financial position in a meaningful way?

“Surely that is a better early warning system than getting HMRC to in effect "red light" clubs when it is too late to help? I suppose it's simply a case of who and when from the next club to enter administration.”

MacLean also cited a need for a change in the Scottish football system if similar cases to Dundee’s are to be avoided in the future.

“What is certainly required is some sort of restructure of the game. There are perhaps 16 to 18 genuinely full time professional teams who want to compete at the highest level they can, but unfortunately at any one time six to eight of those will be stuck in the SFL with one chance a year of getting out. The product is declining and attendances suffering as a result.

“They are governed by a board whose agenda in life may be entirely different to their own. It's probably time for a single governing body that understands the needs of all the clubs in the system and can adapt. We have the SFA, SPL and SFL in a country this size; it's incredible to any outsider and can't be justified in any sensible way.”

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