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EFL CEO Shaun Harvey discusses Whole Game Solution


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The CEO of the newly branded EFL, Shaun Harvey, took part in a talk at todays Soccerex global convention to discuss the whole game solution and the future of the EFL.

The talk covered a wide range of areas around the whole game solution such as its objective, why it is being discussed and the potential of a winter break.

Harvey started off by telling the audience that the main objective of the whole game solution was "to review where the EFL is now and where it could be". He felt that this was a good time to discuss possible changes as the EFL is in a "strong position with no clubs entering administration for the last three and a half seasons".

One of the talking points is around the change of fixtures, Harvey said that the problem "wasn't just fixture congestion and was more about fixture scheduling". By this he meant that the fixture issues could be solved or at least eased with a changing of fixtures from midweek matches to weekends in smaller leagues.

Shaun Harvey then went onto talking about the discussions around a winter break or as he likes to call it a "mid season break". Harvey said that he believed that a winter break would help, however, this seemed to be more in reference to Premier League clubs and the England national team rather than the lower leagues. One uncertainty has been around when the winter break would take place, Harvey said that it wouldn't take place over Christmas and New Year but would be most likely to happen after the FA Cup 3rd Round which Harvey stated that "it will remain in its traditional spot".

EFL Clubs last week were asked if they would want a winter break and the vast majority of clubs said that they wouldn't. The reasons given for why a winter break wouldn't be wanted by the clubs as "their players wouldn't be the ones who were going on international tournaments". In addition to this clubs didn't want a winter break for them because if the Premier League do have a winter break that it could help to get focus on them as they would be "the only show in town".


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