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EFL Clubs indicate support of earier window closure


EFL clubs have indicated they would be in favour of closing the transfer window early from the 2018-19 season.

The plan was discussed at a meeting of all 72 EFL clubs and will be put to a formal vote in February 2018. The outlined approach would shorten the existing window, but allow EFL clubs to sign players on loan until 31 August.

Premier League clubs have already voted to close the summer transfer window before the 2018-19 season starts. From next season the Premier League window will close on the Thursday before the season begins, but no date has been given for a proposed EFL deadline.

EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey said: "Today was all about under­standing a direction of travel in what is a hugely emotive matter, not only for clubs and managers but supporters as well.

"The clubs have been clear in their mandate and we will now go away and look to develop a set of proposals before moving this matter on to the next stage, which would be a formal vote in order to change our regulations."

The move has been discussed because managers complain their plans are disrupted by players being allowed to move clubs after the season is under way.

Presently, the transfer window across Europe runs until 31 August.

The change already agreed for the Premier League will allow players to be sold to outside the top flight until 31 August, but incomings will stop before the season starts.


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