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End of an era as Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs leaves Old Trafford

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As offers go in football new Manchester United boss Jose Mourhino might as well have offered Ryan Giggs a job as car park attendant - the United legend was never going to accept a considerable demotion from his current position as assistant manager.

Despite reports that Mourhino had not talked to Giggs about his future, United's winning most player was offered a role to bridge the gap between the youngsters and the first team. Given that the last player Chelsea brought through their youth system into the first team was John Terry you would not be shocked if Giggs thought the proposed role to be of no consequence.

It hardly seems likely that Mourhino will break the habit of a life time and suddenly turn to United's youth scheme for players.

Giggs is though by many to be a United manager in the making and whilst their often seemed to be strained relationships with Louis van Gaal, Giggs still had a year on his contract after van Gaal left at the end of the season.

The United hierarchy were obviously reluctant to pull the plug on the Giggs era at Old Trafford and the offer of a lesser role has prompted Giggs to make the decision for them - but obviously one that was wanted otherwise Mourhino would have kept Giggs in the first team set up.

The 42-year-old made a record 963 appearances for United.

Giggs, who gained his Uefa Pro Licence in 2014, hopes to manage in the future.

"The time feels right and, although I have no immediate plans to step into management, it is where I want to be," he said.

"It's time for a new chapter and a new challenge. I'm excited about the future - I've had the best apprenticeship into management anyone could ever ask for."

As a player, Giggs won a record 13 league titles, two European Cups, four FA Cups and four League Cups before retiring in 2014.


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