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Everton partner with Liverpool Hope University

Everton agreed a research partnership with Liverpool Hope University in order to provide insight into the development of their fanbase and how the club grows commercially.
Everton will be able to used the high quality resources that the university has to offer to assist with improving their knowledge across relevant business sectors.

In addition to assisting the club on its commercial side, Hope University will also carry out research into Everton in the Community, the club's charity arm. The research that they will carry out will aim to quantify and provide detailed evidence of the positive impacts that Everton in the Community has had.

“The quality of the support we will now get from Liverpool Hope, which has recently become the third-highest ranked modern university in the country and one of the top 50 UK universities, is best-in-class," said Denise Barrett-Baxendale, executive chair of Everton in the Community and director at Everton Football Club.

"In order to achieve our ambition, we have a requirement for a dedicated research facility that can work across our organisation to benchmark, test ideas and help us take new initiatives forward."


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