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Everton possibly set for record sponsorship deal

This summer will signal a cross-roads for Everton as their current sponsorship deal with Chang comes to an end.

With the deal expiring this summer it is likely to mean that a club record sponsorship deal will be done regardless of whether or not they stick with Chang.

The club does value the loyalty of their long term partner, Chang, however, there will be no room for sentiment when negotiations start with potential sponsors.

Everton will be expecting a sizable increase from their current £6 million a year sponsorship deal to close the financial gap between themselves and other Premier League rivals. One club that they will be looking to catch would be Tottenham who currently have a sponsorship deal worth £16 million a year with AIA. However, even if they do catch Tottenham then they will still be a long way behind Merseyside rival Liverpool who last season signed a sponsorship deal with Standard Chartered worth £30 million a year.



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