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FA Cup win will help pay Macclesfield VAT bill

Macclesfield Town manager, John Askey, says that their first round win on Saturday against Walsall will help them to pay of their VAT bill.

Macclesfield, who beat Walsall 1-0, were the only team from the non-league beat a Football League team.

By reaching the 2nd round they have already earned £30,500 in prize money progressing from the 4th qualifying round, in addition to their percentage of gate receipts.

"It is massive as it means we can pay the VAT bill this week," said Askey.

"The FA Cup has saved the club numerous times," Askey added. "I remember when we played West Ham one year and if we hadn't got them in the cup, we could've gone under as a club.

"We would like one of the lower teams really [in the next round]. We want to try and get to the third round, and if we can then obviously you are looking for one of the big boys."


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