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Fans turn back on Premier League


More than 1000 fans are turning their back on Premier League football to travel to Germany to watch Borussia Dortmund’s home matches as it’s cheaper than the English game.

Arsenal’s cheapest season ticket is an astonishing 10 times more expensive than the equivalent at Bayern Munich or Barcelona and the rocketing prices in the Premier League are seeing fans make a 700-mile round trip to Dortmund’s Westfa­len­sta­dion according to BBC Sport.

‘We jump on the Channel Tunnel train,’ Matthew Gerrard from Kent told the BBC.

‘We make a weekend of it. With tickets, accommodation, transport, this trip will cost £65. When you think it cost me £51 to see the Arsenal game last season, you can see the benefits.’

While Chelsea fan Jack said: ‘Prices are too high in England,’ he says. ‘But here, everything is cheap. It’s a better experience for the fan and the atmosphere is incredible.’

The story broke after the BBC released their annual ‘price of football’ study earlier in the week. The study once again  has highlighted the staggering difference between England’s top flight and others across Europe. BBC’s study showed the cheapest matchday ticket to watch the Blues at Stamford Bridge is £50, while at Dortmund a fan can attend for as little as £12.84.


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