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FIFA Investigator Michael Garcia resigns over report into World Cup bids


Michael Garcia has made the controversial decision to resign as FIFA's investigator after they refused to publish his full report into the World Cup 2018 and 2022 bids.

The American lawyer cited a "lack of leadership" at the top of football's world governing body.

Garcia said he lost confidence in the independence of German judge Joachim Eckert, an ethics committee colleague.

Uefa president Michel Platini said: "We wanted all transparency but this is a new failure for Fifa."

The head of European football spoke out as Garcia resigned a day after Fifa's appeals panel rejected his challenge of Eckert's summary of his report.

"It is the lack of leadership on these issues within Fifa that leads me to conclude that my role in this process is at an end," said Garcia.

Russia won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, while Qatar was awarded the 2022 tournament

However allegations of bribery and corruption against key members of FIFA led to Garcia compiling a 443 page report, of which a 42 page summary was released.

Garcia believed however that the summary didn't reflect the true findings of his report, and wanted the full document to be released into the public domain.

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