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FIFA President Sepp Blatter officially submits bid for upcoming elections


Current FIFA president Sepp Blatter has submitted his name for candidacy ahead of the upcoming presidential elections.

The current head of football's governing body, 78, has been in charge of the organisation since 1998 and is looking to stand for a fifth term, despite promising after his last election win in 2011 that it would be his last term.

Blatter will find no shortage of associations giving his backing, with nearly all the associations in Africa already behind him.

Frenchman Jerome Champagne was the first to declare his intention to run for the presidency, but with the deadline looming at 11pm on Thursday evening, where he will get his support from remains unclear.

Prince Ali Al Bin Hussein, the Jordanian FA boss who is already a FIFA vice-president, is being backed by the English FA, having worked for FIFA since 1999.

Blatter's opponents have all called for a change in the way in which the governing body is currently run, with the bids for the Russia 2018 and Qatar 2022 World Cups coming under severe scrutiny amid allegations of corruption.

A surprise potential candidate came in the form of former Spurs and Newcastle forward Daivd Ginola, with the 47 year old announcing his intention to stand and calling for the public to back his campaign via donations.

Blatter has hit back at his detractors recently, particularly those in Europe, essentially telling them to stand against him or fall in line.

It was not long after that Dutch FA boss Michael Van Pragg and Portugese legend Luis Figo had declared their candidacies in opposition.

Both say they have the five nominations from FIFA-affiliated national associations needed to make it onto the ballot paper, with the Scottish FA among six confirmed van Praag backers.

Only once the deadline has passed will anyone know for certain who has got the required backing to stand, and from then on it will be a case of Blatter vs the rest.

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