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Football Assosciation of Wales to re-invest profits

The Football Association of Wales (FAW) will re-invest the profit they made during 2015-16 to improve facilities within the country according to Chief Executive Jonathan Ford.

The FAW have announced they have made a post-tax profit of £891,000 for the year ending June 2016.

Turnover for the year was over double the previous year at £21m compared with a turnover of £10.5m during the previous year.

FAW Chief Executive Jonathan Ford had previously said the run to the semi-finals a £3m profit for the FAW.

Ford has said he is pleased with the profit for the period 2015-16 and that it is "imperative" to invest the money in new facilities.

"We hope to use that money, together with grants we have available and together with other money we may be able to get our hands on, to continue to improve facilities," said Ford "They're probably the one thing throughout this country where we are a little bit behind."


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