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Football general: Bagflag wowed the football world at Watford recently when presented to the Foot­ball­tra­dedi­rec­tory.­com Networking Day

A Midlands-based business, The BagFlag Company has extended its international reach by securing a distribution agreement that will see its innovated product launched into further key market sectors around the world.

The product, which wowed the football world at Watford recently when presented to the Foot­ball­tra­dedi­rec­tory.­com Networking Day is extremely versatile

The firm - which was established by Phil Brunger from Worcester just 11 months ago, has already secured licensed representation in the USA, Canada and South America.

Phil said “We are both delighted and excited to announce that 3e6o SRL will exclusively represent the BagFlag throughout Italy, Russian Federation, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain, UAE, Yemen and Oman.
Phil continued “3e60 SRL undertake projects with many of the largest brands in the world, on some of the most prestigious brand promotional campaigns  and sporting events, so we see this agreement as a major step towards realising the potential to make BagFlag a Global brand.

Enrica Loda Account Manager at 3e60 commented “As our market and client base consists of many of the most important sport makers and brands, one of our main objectives is to continuously search for good new ideas to represent.  We think the BagFlag is an innovative product. Clients are always looking for valid novelties in the field of merchandising and give-aways.  As 3e60 is used to tread the best of merchandising at a worldwide level, we foresee an important return for this new product.

BagFlag is a very versatile; multi use product which can facilitates different types of communication on a wide printable surface.  It is also a product that few people will throw away for these reasons its potential is very high.  It can be submitted to a very large demographic, in many different sectors including, just about any field of sports, charities, even political campaigns, the sponsors of these organisations or any companies which make promotion with give-aways.”
The BagFlag Company utilises a number of UK / Midland-based companies, in the sourcing and manufacture of its products, including Pack-It-Hereford Ltd, a social enterprise venture who provide assembly and fulfillment services.

BagFlag is already exporting into Europe and will shortly finalise a further license agreement which will see the BagFlag manufactured on Mainland Europe and distributed throughout Germany, France, Benelux and Scandinavia.

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